Talent Digital Platform


The project has been developing since 2018 and is aimed at creating a promising complex for managing individual educational trajectories of talented youth. 

The talent management digital platform is: 

1. An information aggregator about movement participants. It collects information from different sources, such as social networks; educational platforms; academic contests; computer games; other personal achievements that the participant would like to share;

2. Broker platform for creating a joint information space for exchanging data about a person;

3. An aggregator of services provided by external systems (major sources) in the field of education;

4. An intellectual service for creating individual development trajectories of the Kruzhok movement participants. It uses the methods of machine learning and other technologies related to big data.

The solution is developed by a system integrator "Jet Infosystems" in collaboration with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) within the framework of the National Technology Initiative (the NTI).